Rescue and Restore

‘The Lord is there to rescue all who are discouraged and have given up hope. The Lord ‘s people may suffer a lot, but he will always bring them safely through.’

Psalms 34:18‭-‬19 CEV

Jesus has an incredible character and loves being around those who find it hard to love themselves, people who find it difficult to see their worth. After all his God’s one and only son, and loving people is always in his nature.

You can be at the bottom and he’ll be their with you, you can feel totally hopeless, brokenheartend and done with life, and he’ll never leave you or forsake you, even if you forget about him he will never forget about you, even if you stop loving him, he will never stop loving you.

He knows the pain you hold and the mistakes you constantly you remind yourself of. The score card you keep, that helps you beat yourself up. But God will always love rescuing people, because he loves people.




When we think of the word rescue we often attribute rescue to some form of heroic act, someone stepping infront of a bullet, someone lifting a car off us so we can finally breathe again. But we rarely reflect on Jesus rescue, the moment God had a heart wrenching choice to make, to give up his one and only son, to grow up as a man, than to be beaten, bloodied and broken and eventually nialed and crucified on a cross.

The reality sinks in when Jesus would’ve done it, even if it was just for you. If rescuing you meant dying, truth be told he would’nt have thought twice. It’s because God has two attributes about his character we can never change, unconditional love and forgiveness.

Sometimes if were honest we question whether God has made a mistake in his pursuit of us. We short change our value and we isolate the love God has for us, as an individual.

God rescued many people in the bible, and half of them were broken, most of them couldn’t see what God saw in them. They wrestled with what they told themselves and the life God was speaking over them, through his son.

It’s in Gods nature to rescue people and help them see, who they can be. Dismantling the weapons of the past and showing people they have a present and a purpose. (He showed me)



I never had an uncle or aunty growing up who loved restoring cars or something Awesome, but I’d imagion the passion and joy, that would pour off that kind of person. It would be an atmosphere they bring, and you wouldn’t have to ask if their passionate about what they do, it would be so obvious.

It’s something God is passionate about doing as well,it’s more than rescuing people, it’s also about restoring.

When we feel broken we remind ourselves of our flaws, but God reminds us that his not finished yet, that we will never be damaged goods. He restores us by constantly reminding us that were not useless, were not worthless and we are not, to far gone.

Much love, Shaun


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