‘Honor God by accepting each other, as Christ has accepted you.’

Romans 15:7 CEV

For us to be accepting of other people and ourselves it’s about how we view eachother.

We either treat people like their a criminal or like their saved, and the choice makes a big difference in how we love, believe in and accept people that we see in life.

Everyone’s been through something or is going through something, we don’t understand. Life for us may look amazing but for someone else, it might feel isolative and unforgiving, because heaps of people avoid them, people point the finger and judge.

Accepstance is distant and so is self-esteem, when how we treat ourselves reflects how we treat others. It puts any anyone in a terrible situtation, when looking back you might see how you treated yourself, caused you to lose so much of your self- worth, let alone all the people it might’ve affected.

When I was bullied it ruined me psychologically and emotionally. I really hated myself, I hated life and I hated other people. The reflection of myself was so pour, I began to accept people us much I accepted myself.

Which was so limited and unbelievable, each day was different but everyday I felt the same. Back then I didn’t think much about consequence, or how I was treating myself, would end up showing cracks in my personality when I was older. I was never really shy or apprehensive, to start a conversation with anyone, however because I was bullied for so long, my self- worth was gutter level at best.

I didn’t see much value in my life at all, and because I felt that way, I didn’t really care how I treated others.

I think it’s really important to note that accepstance of self is a journey, it takes time and it’s a daily choice. Each day choosing to change what we think of ourselves, changing old thoughts and replacing them with better ones, that will help change the things we speak over our life.

We are all a little broken, busted, lonely, afraid, fearful, hurt, isolative, ashamed, wounded and worried. But theirs one thing God taught me through all the stuff I felt, no one is damged goods and no one is to far gone.

I might’ve felt like giving up, but he never gave up on me. I really want to encourage that Jesus is so close to your pain, your hurt, your circumstance and your life. It may seem like his so distant and his voice is the only thing you don’t hear, what I’ve learn’t is this.

That spark you feel when you feel like giving up on life, that might me God encouraging you ‘I’m not finished yet’. That inspiration you get at the last minute of being so close to shouting f this, maybe it’s Jesus encouraging you, don’t give up.

Everyone has an Incredible story and you are as human as the people you do life with, treat yourself as such and when you make a mistake, please don’t quit.

Much love, Shaun

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