Voices of the past

For some their encouraging, their reminded of all the people who believed in them, but for others a haunting reminder of all the things their trying so hard to forget.


Past mistakes have become voices of the present that are so debilitating, they stifle the ability to live free. All these voices shouting nothing good and making you feel like, you’ll never find the hope you want.


It’s not always past mistakes that are the voices that hurt us, sometimes it’s the things that have happen.


The voices are different for everyone, depending on the experience each person has had. Maybe it’s a voice from the past that tells you ‘you try everything and give up, so just stop trying’ or ‘well you failed before so I guess you’re a loser’ maybe even ‘well yeah you’re ugly’. They carry negativity and the only thing they do well, is bring you down and make you feel like you’re worthless.


The stuff you want to achieve you can’t because the voices are so loud, you feel like you can’t change what you think of yourself and change what you believe. 

These voices manifest into the lack of confidence people may have or the self- worth people live with-out. The voices can be unrelenting and sometimes they never stop, when you wake up the first thing you hear is something negative, and throughout the day it seems like a marching band is playing the song of defeat.  

These past voices can also be from traumatic experiences people have had; out of respect I will not mention any potentials. But I will say this, whatever it is that you experienced in your past you are not damaged goods and you will never be a burden.


It’s difficult to encourage each other when we sometimes point the finger and think we have the best thing to say to someone, forgetting the past and ignoring the things that scream at us, it can be hard. The past for some is easily forgotten, while for others it’s a constant reminder of who they use to be. That’s why people need people and we’ll always need one another.


The voice from the past that haunts me the most is the one I use to speak (sometimes still do) confidently about ‘I have no self- esteem and I have no confidence’ it caused me to walk around, lacking the two things I wanted the most. I was in the present, but the past was ruining my personal growth as a person, because I was speaking death were, I wanted to live. I’m so thankful that Jesus has been patient with me and despite the moments of lacking self-esteem and self- worth his been able to use me.


Often it seems like the voices of the past will never stop, maybe you feel like you’ve had enough and you’re sick of hearing them. I want to encourage you that you are not alone, and you will never have to face these things by yourself.


You’re (not) ugly,

you’re (not) damaged,

you are (not) to far gone,

you’re (not) dumb,

you (don’t) have to give up,

you (don’t) have to give in,

you are (not) unlovable,

you are (not) worthless,

you are (not) useless,

you are (not) unforgivable.



There’s more to that list but that’s just some of the lies the past tries to tell us, scroll back through those and read them along with the words in the brackets. We can fight the past together because we all need people.

Much love, Shaun

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