Blind Spots

The responsibility is hard to carry and the pedestal is not a place people should be expected to live.


Each year we tend to forget that famous people are still human beings, they hurt, they bleed and they also feel broken at times. People placed in an impossible position and all attention, is placed on a person and people who are just like us.


To often we place celebrities on a pedestal and we forget, there human beings who also have, flaws, failures and mistakes. When you put that tremendous of a burden on someone, theres nothing but unrealistic expectations of who they can never be.

1. Because it’s impossible to be perfect, in a world that’s broken.
2. You can only fake a smile for so long, until you realise your broken on the inside and you need time to heal.

Over the years we’ve see great people being led to a place and a choice, they feel like is the only they can make. It’s literally goodbye because there not here tomorrow.



Suicide is becoming people’s option, and for artist we need to truly understand that sometimes all the pain, they feel like they can’t talk about, goes into the art they love so much. This is what happens when we treat people with irresponsibility, and we assume their impervious to feeling pain.



More people are openining up about their struggles, each month and each year (Please check out Heart Support). But make no mistake that there will always be someone, who believes there not worth the help and hope that can be provided.



The pain becomes to much and it leads to a really dark place. Every single person regardless of who they are, or where there from, is worthy of tomorrow. We need to stop putting people and each other on a pedestal, because none of us can actually carry the burden.



The thing about expectations is it causes people, to have an releatistic vision of themselves and who they can be. So when they make a mistake they feel like they’ve ruined, there entire reputation and there life. When in reality we should strive to be a kind and loving person, but we should never try and be perfect, because it is impossible.
When people are placed on a pedestal, they will always feel like ‘I can’t ask for help’ or ‘why do I feel so broken’ and ‘I feel like giving up, Maybe I will’.


Trust me all those interpersonal conversations are what could be shared with someone who can help.
The take away is this…
Success won’t take away from the fact that we are all human beings, it won’t have the ability to make anyone imperious from the things we experience in life, and we will never escape our need for eachother.



Maybe what we really need is to understand were all a little broken, busted, bruised, insecure and lonely. If that’s not a catch cry for our need for eachother I don’t know what is.

Much love, Shaun

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