I’d spent more time lighting fires than healing what was broken.


Distractions are dangerous when they help to divert our attention, when healing is necessary, we can’t pretend were not broken.


We have have different stages of personal growth, some hit milestones so easy because their comfortable in their own skin and confidence has always existed. While others find it difficult to over look there mistakes, there not empty (theirs always potential) but they feel like they are an empty shell, with nothing to offer anyone.


It’s growth but with a limp.


I talk a lot about my past experiences, because I’m not intimated by people’s judgement. I don’t lack understanding, I just don’t see the point in feeding an opinion. I’m not perfect, none of us are and that’s really the point.


What do we consider perfect anyway, is it a life without mistakes, is it a clean slate, a second chance, being forgiven. All three by the way only happen, within the understanding we are not perfect people.


Personal growth is most often determined by our encouragement, which is really discouraging considering the fact some people don’t filter their responses through, a good or bad model.


I’d say 75% of the whole worlds population have been bullied, if you take that as truth it really means we speak discouraging words over other people, and ourselves. I know for many of us, personal growth never happened because we never changed the words we speak.


When I heard words that weren’t true they become arrows in my quiver, so I had ammunition to defend my terrible self- esteem but nothing to help me build, something better.


Personal growth comes down to one defining thing, filter your words, filter the things were about to say. We are encouraging or discouraging, and did you know the words we speak right now. Can actually shape or runis a person’s self- worth. Think about the future.


We have every opportunity to buid people up, words are like glass, the less we think the more people bleed.


Much love, Shaun

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