Avoid your pain

Ok, so your probably thinking ‘wait there usually encouraging people, to share their story and talk about their pain’


Read on…


The devil uses our imperfections and our past mistakes, to convince us that we should avoid the pain at all cost.


The pain is how uncomfortable we get when we expose our wounds. He doesn’t want any of us to do that, because he knows bringing things out of the dark, means their exposed to vulnerability and to the light.


Their no longer hidden and you and I have the opportunity, to clean the house. Forgiveness of self is a very powerful thing, but that never happens when we put paddocks on our pain.


What’s really going on is the devil is trying to convince people, that they aren’t worth the conversations that could save their life. He convinces people that alcohol is a great tool, for numbing the pain, drugs are great because they help you avoid how you really feel. Tricking thing is, once everything wear’s off, you realise the emptiness you felt was only temporarily filled.


Everyone’s different and not everyone finds it essy to open up, yet I can tell you from experience if you never try, you never will. Freedom requires us to have a voice, it requires us to talk about our pain and share our story.


I’m one of them, but I’ve met many people who have briefly mentioned how they’d spent most of their life, chasing different things, while admitting they were honesty avoiding the vulnerability.


It’s uncomfortable and believe me, you really have to committ to your decision, before you even try.


The devil hates people who open up, he’d rather us shut our mouth, stay silent and just say nothing. Do the opposite, do something different, acknowledge the wounds and they’ll start to heal.


You might feel like a punching bag, and the devils been reminding you of all the stuff you use to do, your past and everything.


Switch it up, put on the gloves and start throwing punches, let him feel how you’ve felt.


It’s your LIFE, not his, it’s your STORY, not his, it’s your HOPE, not his.


Much love, Shaun

9 thoughts on “Avoid your pain

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  1. There’s so much truth in this, Shaun! I had a painful childhood and by the time I was 17 I was using alcohol and drugs to dull the reality. This went on for such a long time until it became my default behaviour and I couldn’t break free from it.
    By the grace of God this behaviour is a thing of the past, but I still feel unable to talk about the past and all that happened. Maybe I need God to let me know that it’s alright to talk. One day it may happen. 🙏

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  2. Thanks so much Ellem, I was challenged while writing this one, and I’m truly grateful that God could use for something good. We really appreciate your constant support, and I’m happy to hear you were able to overcome your obstacles. – Shaun

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  3. In regards to sharing your past, Try and do it more, I’ve found the more yoi share the more freedom you experience, because God reminds us that our testimony can save someone else. It’s uncomfortable but it was never meant to be easy, because we become very open, and totally vulnerable. – Shaun

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