Pray for something more important

For so long the Church has ridiculed mental health, in most cases some Christians assume you can’t have a functional relationship with Jesus because of mental illness. If that’s true how do we explain some of the most influential people in the bible, who experienced such emotions.

We shouldn’t pray for what can’t be taken away, some forms of depression and anxeity are life long conditions. I believe we should be praying to God about how we can display his glory, through our experiences. Rather than trying to force ourselves to be better, and be happy.

The head can be a difficult place to get out of sometimes, and if we aren’t careful about our daily thoughts. We’ll start to think like everyone else and that’s bad, because theirs more important things to change in the world, instead of focusing on an area that’s not you as an entire person.

We often think the most important thing to pray about is someone’s depression, I think it’s because people don’t understand how to deal with what they’ve never experienced. Depression is frsutrating, depression can come out of nowhere and challenge your whole day, but it’s not the same for everyone.

I’d rather pray for God to draw me closer to him, instead of spending all my time focusing my prayers on something that more times than one has actually made me, spend time with him. When your feeling low, you already feel like crap and in my experience Depression pushed me towards God more than anything.

I’m not trying to justify feeling like crap, I’m just saying everyone’s different and we need to respect that.

Death to the lie that you can’t have a personal relationship with the father, the son and the holy spirit, if you have a mental illness.

Let’s stop telling people something that isn’t true.

Here’s a poem

Fake Forever by Shaun Redfern

Smile don’t let them see, all the broken parts that don’t seem to heal, fake a smile, always pretend never let them see your pain, people seem to only want to love you when your ok, find it hard to stick around when depression chokes the life from your face. I think it’s wrong, when we forget our past and who we use to be, it makes us hypocrites and judgmental people. Point your finger, so I’ll never change, people’s opinion often dictate the amount of love they show, shut your MOUTH close your EYES, remember what it felt like when you were lost, like me.

Much love, Shaun

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