She finds hope

Riddled with judgement, fueled by shame, most only look but never at her face, your so small, I bet you’ll break, oh your so skinny, do eat at all.

Death comes for her self- esteem, with all the words you speak, Please hold tongue, close your mouth and think. I know you know, it’s not tough to condemn, yet your hurting the person your suppose to love.

She finds hope once again, turns small bones into strength, fuel the flame of her self- worth, Please don’t crush what’s she’s trying to build. She’s starting to eat your words again, I’m so sick of looking from a far, when you tell a lie and tear apart.

She’s worth more than you give, how come you don’t think, did you know she’ll go back for you, and her head will be consumed. Cut it off, say goodbye let her heal, let her go.

– Shaun

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