Today I went out shopping with the family. My wife and daughter went for a hair appointment and my two boys stayed with me to grab a birthday gift for their granddad. After we found the gift the boys wanted to buy we headed to the playground near the foodcourt at the mall. The boys started having a blast, running around, playing on the various equipment; but then my youngest was no longer satisfied with the age appropriate equipment. He wanted to go on the “big kids'” slide. This is no normal slide. It’s a course of a fully enclosed high ropes suspended around 20ft in the air with a slide at the end. He began to climb up into the course and after some failed negotiations begging him not to, I asked my eldest to take him through the course. See, the course wasn’t too dangerous, and my youngest was certainly strong enough to climb up into this suspension course; but my main concern was whether or not he was emotionally prepared for the slide at the end. It would have looked quite menacing to such a young kid. Like I thought, he managed to get to the end but the slide was too much. I instructed my eldest to bring him back and I climbed up to get him down after his harrowing experience.

So what’s my point?

I think God looks at us in the same way. I think that when it looks unfair that God isn’t using us the way that we want to be used, it isn’t because we are underqualified or that we lack the gifts. I believe it’s purely that we aren’t emotionally prepared for when it gets scary, because let’s face it, serving God right on the frontline can be really scary. We’re not always prepared for the unexpected when it comes to ministry and the spiritual. When God says you aren’t ready, heed His advice. He is a loving father and He wants to make sure you’re ready before climbing the slide.


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