When words aren’t enough

We all wish we were capable of being able to say the right thing,the right word in the scaritest moment to convince a friend or a loved one to stay.

But words aren’t always enough sometimes it’s better to say nothing, rather than feeling like we should’ve said everything. Sometimes words aren’t enough, just being their heals more than nothing.

I know what it feels like to hope you were the friend who was trusted enough to be told ‘I haven’t been ok’ to be that friend for someone who feels broken. Words can’t explain how we feel sometimes, but it’s good to know that people care.

I’ve convinced myself a lot that in most situations I know the right thing to say, it sucks to admit your wrong, but it hurts more knowing that in this circumstance you do more wrong than right. Because words aren’t enough when wounds are trying so hard to heal.

When words can’t change a thing, being their in the moment is better.

Most of us hate silence, yet it’s something that can do wonders for the soul. Just sitting their with someone, not feeling obligated to say something can be an awesome thing. Constantly thinking that we have to give advice, can be extremely draining, mentally and physically.

Everyone just wants to know that someone cares about them, but that doesn’t mean there hoping you have something to say, all the time. Sometimes knowing you’ll be their for them is enough.

When words aren’t enough, being their without the expectation of feeling like you have to say something, can be liberating.

Sometimes when we say something for the sake of speaking, we may do more damage than we intended.

Maybe someone just wants a hug, to see a familiar face, to have some company. Maybe they just wanner laugh with a friend, have a drink, play a boardgame. We can love people even when words aren’t enough to encourage them.

I use to think hanging out with people was pointless, if you never had something to give them. Like if words are currency why hangout with someone if you have no income, I realised you don’t need anything except compassion.

Much love, Shaun

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