Treassure in Trash

Theres so much internal and external worth inside each of us, that it’s often buried beneath the comparison we bring back to life through CPR.

Maybe its an old thought we once had that suggest I should’ve accomplished more than I have at this age, or maybe comparing yourself to people who are on different paths than yourself?

But there is treassure found in trash because externally you or I can look like we’ve been fighting a battle. But beneath it all lays an incredible future and an Amazing person.

Sometimes we take ourselves for granted because what we see in the mirror is who we think we are.

But theres treasure in the trash and theres hope even if we feel broken. Jesus never came for perfect people, he came to give hope for the hopeless and to speak life where we’ve spoken death.

It’s a beautiful thing when someone sees something in us that we don’t, find comfort in knowing that you are not a nobody.

I wonder if you’ve spent so many years, searching at the bottom of a promise only to come up short every time. I wonder if no matter how many times someone has told you ‘your not treassure’ you still think your worthless.

You don’t have to prove to yourself or to others that your worth so much. Reminding yourself daily is good enough, reminding yourself is the best step to making a difference.

There may be a lot of rubbish, but you are not trash, you cannot cast yourself aside and may the claim ‘I’m to far gone’.

When Jesus looks at each of us, he doesn’t see a project to peefect, he sees a person he has an opportunity to love. All you see is flaws, failures and mistakes? But that’s not your entire life.

– Much love, Shaun

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