Speak Life

Sometimes we speak Death over the confidence someone is desperately trying to find. Maybe not obvious to everyone around, but we can’t boast that we value everyone, if what we say doesn’t indicate the truth.

What if the truth doesn’t set people free, what if it just gives them further evidence for self- destruction. Truth is if we don’t know anything about someone, our truth for them may drag them down. For example what if our truth was this ‘yeah you should really try harder, like what your doing isn’t good enough’

Forgetting that most of us are working on being a better person everyday, forgetting that we all have regrets. That critical statement above helps no one, it just tells that person that their not doing well, and what they are doing isn’t good enough for the freedom they want.

We’re influencing self- worth or sowing seeds of doubt.

Sometimes we do need a push towards honesty, but other times we need compassion more than anything.

Put it this way, desicion making and mental illness can be tough. People really want to achieve something, theirs confidence yet their can also be something we don’t see.

A dark cloud hanging over head, making that person feel miserable, depression that is so debilatating, that even if that person wanted to move their limbs they feel stuck, or maybe it’s anxiety repeating lie after lie, which basically works that person into a panic so much so, they just stay put.

We’re influencing self- worth or sowing seeds of doubt. That means we are speaking life and words of encouragement, or we are planting seeds of doubt. It’s really as simple as that, were giving people the ability to love themselves or hate.

Maybe we think? Surely we’re not given that much power, but yes we are. Our words can encourage someone to stay, or we are giving people bullets for self abuse.

I’m not the expert on this topic but considering I was bullied throughout High School, maybe I do know a thing or two. Regardless the take a way is this.

People will never find hope or receive the help they want, if the words we speak cause them to believe hope is fake and help is BS.

Hope is Amazing and help is always possible, we need to understand the power we have.

We need to speak life!

We need to believe in people as much we believe in ourselves. I think that alone can cause us to think before we open our mouth.

Much love, Shaun

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