Cult of Personality

We live in a world filled with knowledge at our fingertips. It’s common practice now for people to search for answers online; all sorts of answers. From recipes to medical journals. I see online everyday people searching for themselves. Looking for answers to their mistakes, their dreams, their purpose in life.
I too have looked, for many many years; and the more I keep looking, the more I realise the answer isn’t that simple.
We like to think that a simple test online will give us all the answers, we like to give ourselves boxes. That’s what humans do best, we put boundaries around what we know, we make rules.

The problem with that is we are a little more complicated than simple boxes and classifications. Our personalities are so diverse. Measured on different spectrums; from aptitude to desires, to what drives us.
From a base level, there are 12 archetypes; but then on top of this, 16 Myers-Briggs Type Indicators, 7 Motivational Gifts, 9 Enneagrams types with a possibility of 27 outcomes… all of these measuring different traits on different levels.

What does this mean?

It means on paper there are at least 36,288 personality types. This is before personal experiences weighing in and changing who we are and how we act.
We are all truly unique. I’m not saying personality tests are pointless and we shouldn’t search for answers, but what I am saying is one test won’t give you all the answers. You need to keep searching, you need to spend your whole life searching, because there is no “answer”, only more to learn.

We were created to all be our own person, we weren’t designed to be like everyone else. Yes, it’s good to take a look and see that we aren’t that weird, that we do fit in somewhere, but you are you; and finding your purpose means becoming the best you that you can be.


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