Why we don’t let go?

Most of us just want to feel something. We want to feel loved, wanted, accepted ultimately we want to feel human.

So much of what we do is directly in search of accepstance, to feel like we are truly loved and admired.

But sometimes we limit the opportunities of us experiencing the self accepstance we search so hard to find. We can be so forgiving of others, yet we foster so much unforgiveness towards ourselves when we stuff up.

Why do we find it hard to let it go?

I thinks it’s because we all struggle with putting unrealistic expectations of perfection, on ourselves. We sometimes place our life on a pedestal and judge ourselves when we fall.

Your not perfect and it’s impossible to be perfect. Because it’s an unrelenting experience of more and more, nothing is ever good enough. And you feel like, you can be more perfect.

But you can’t!

Self- accepstance is about accepting yourself right now, it’s a journey and it’s Awesome.

It’s really difficult to let go some of the things we’ve been through, so compassion is something we’ll always need. Yet the past is a thief, it’ll always tell you lies.

Much love Shaun

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