You ever felt like you’ve tried so hard to show someone love, yet it feels like you haven’t done enough. You try so much to remind someone that tomorrow needs them and today could be the most important day of that person’s life.


Theirs so many people thinking about suicide so many people struggling with self- worth and self- esteem. We are literally standing in the gap trying to prevent another life cut short, another story with many pages left to write.


Some of us might assume we can’t influence or encourage someone to stay, because we are broken too. But brokenness is evident amongst all people, because we all have flaws and we’ve all made mistakes.


On the eve of every day we have the incredible opportunity to believe in someone, to love someone so much that the only thing they believe is that, Tomorrow truly needs them to stay.


My father was diagnosed with depression nearly four years ago and it changed yhe family dynamic over night. We loved him and we gave him time to grow, we gave him space and he was still our dad.


It broke my heart a little because the things my father found easy to do, became a mission to get him encouraged. But on the eve of everyday we had the incredible opportunity to believe in him and love him.


It is so important for us to acknowledge that mental health is just like any other medical problem. We must talk about our struggles and share our story, it’s the only way we can make a difference.


Much love, Shaun

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