To Carry us Through The Darkness

Emotional turmoil is like a raging fire you can’t put out on your own.

At one point or another I think we’ve all tried to do life on our own and avoided the conversations we needed to have, through gritted teeth and a pour attitude. Feeling like we are a burden and we cause to much pain to the people we claim to love.

But the truth is theres one person who we often avoid the most who truly wants to carry us through the darkness. Who wants to love us when we don’t love ourselves and who believe’s in us when we don’t. Jesus is a personal friend and father to those who feel broken and want to feel whole, Hope is a home where we can go to be healed.

You’re not alone and the best thing you could ever tell yourself is ‘I’m loved, I have a future and I will always have hope’ because even when it feels like you don’t, speaking life into hope can make a difference.


Treassure in Trash

What do think of yourself when no one else is around, what words are spoken when you don’t like yourself. Do you the cracks in the hope he placed in you, do you think you will never be free?


Much love, Shaun

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