Help to Heal


We all need help, we can’t do everything by ourselves, we were created to do life in community as a family. Encouraging eachother and believing that we can each reach the goals we have set, and to become the Person we truly want to be.

Help can be inconvenient sometimes we have a list of things we need to do, but when a loved one or a friend needs us. It’s no question we should, help shows value.


It’s true that healing happens more often when people believe their worth the healing, they deserve. Except the wounds we don’t expose are the ones that make us have a victim mentality.

We must remember, it’s actually ok to ask for help from others. It’s actually ok to need help and to not be ok. Helping people can be inconvenient, expensive and timely. But love is worth the sacrifice of the time we lose.

Theirs no excuse to not show love to those who are Suffering.

Another way of putting it which I heard in Church this morning is, do for one what you wish you could do for every one.

God only ask that we show other people the compassion that he shows us.

People aren’t perfect, wr will never be but
when we get beaten up, someone else picks us up. Let’s help one other!


Also, let’s go longtime not short term, often Healing takes time, it’s not a quick fix or a 5 minute conversation. Let’s make an investment in people.

Much love, Shaun

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