One Word

This week on my social media I posted a chain post. Not something I normally do, but I did it mostly in jest because I expected maybe some silly joke replies.

It went along the lines of:

Share this and let your followers describe you in one word.

It really was just a silly post, but then something I didn’t expect happened…

People started replying with words like “Kind”, “Genuine”, “Gent”…

While it’s true I try to be kind, I also try to be genuine, but I didn’t expect others to see that in me… Especially over social media.

What I’m trying to say is that whatever is in your heart, whether it be kindness or bitterness, people will see it in you whether you realise it or not.

What’s in your heart dictates your actions.

Now here’s the million dollar question…

What’s in your heart?

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