Our community is built on stories.

Our identity, it’s built on stories.

Some stories are funny, awe inspiring, easy to share. Others we try to hide, they’re harder to tell, and we keep them bottled up.

Sometimes the best stories ever told are about our worst moments, we always forget this. Sometimes what helps people most isn’t a laugh or a slap on the back, it’s knowing they aren’t alone.

Often we refuse to share our stories because we too feel alone, like we’re the only one, like no one understands. The truth is many people feel the exact same way.

We need to learn to share our struggles, because knowing you aren’t alone is powerful. It’s uplifting. It gives you hope.

If you feel alone and that the world is against you the best thing you can do is share your story, because not only will you help other people who also feel alone, but you’ll start to feel a little less alone too.

– Luke

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