I’m cursed.

When I say ‘cursed’ I mean blessed.

I’m gifted in “words of knowledge”, it somehow runs in my family. My mum says it makes us like a spiritual vacuum, we suck up everyone else’s junk. I say it’s a hellish nightmare filled with anxiety and pain; at least, I did.

Last Sunday we had a guest preacher. At the end of the service one of the leaders felt led by the spirit to get the guest preacher to anoint the congregation, or at least the people who wanted to get anointed.

The preacher approached me as I feverishly stood at the front and he began to pray… It was to the effect of: “You’re heart is big but it will be bigger still, and God will give you the bravery to go where He’s asked you to go, He wants you to show people how much He loves them.”

One of the things about WOK is that it doesn’t give you the ability to read people’s minds, but it does give you the ability to read their feelings. Not just that, but their needs, their wants, their pain, and the desires of their heart. You get to really know people intimately and they have no idea. So often people with WOK can come off as a little weird because contrary to what you’d think, instead of disliking people because you know their innermost feelings you actually love people more. You come to know how childlike everyone truly is and how everyone just wants love and to be without pain. “You’re heart is big but it will be bigger still…” it rang in my ears. I felt so uplifted. Yes, this does mean I’ll probably have to endure other people’s pain even deeper but it also means I’ll be helping people to know the love of God.

See, before I was a Christian. God spoke to me, He told me I’d be an “evangelist”. I didn’t even know what that was, I had barely heard the word mentioned at all in my life. Still, I knew this was somehow my calling.

After becoming Christian and finding out what evangelists “do”, I was scared. Evangelizing means you’re on the frontline. Your faith is tested. You really need an absolute hope and faith in Jesus. I thought, ‘No, this can’t be my calling… could it?’

But I found out later that God works in strange ways.

Sure, I’m not slinging the gospel, I’m not preaching on soapboxes. However God still has me spreading the gospel through my love, willingness to share, and the bravery to go places He’s asked me to go. He’s putting me in places Christians fear to tread. He’s given me the foresight to meet people’s needs and to love them completely in a heathen setting. He has given me the divine mission of bringing His love to a place it might otherwise never reach.

So like I said, “I’m cursed”;

but honestly, I’m truly blessed.


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