What’s left isn’t ugly

Human beings have scars, we carry them on the inside and the outside. It’s so easy to talk about the scars that are so easy to spot, the one you got after crashing your bike, the one you got during your last pregnancy. The scar you see everytime you have a shower, when you tried to take your own life…


But you know what we don’t see, the thing we don’t value? The beauty we still have despite our scars, the worth we can maintain despite our mistakes.

Because what’s left isn’t ugly.

I wonder if we lose hope because we think our scars mean were an easy target for redicule. That our scars mean we have flaws we can never overcome.



And I wonder if we only pick at our wounds because we prefer pain over healing. Atleast than we can remind ourselves, that we’ll never be good enough.

But can I encourage once again that what’s left isn’t ugly.

I’ve been reading a book by Levi Lusko called Swiperight and he said something that encouraged me to write this. He said ‘Gaping wounds where there was once muscle’.


So often our scars or wounds fester and grow because we push down our emotional discomfort in favor of a fake smile and a “I’m ok”. But are we truly “ok” can we say with confidence that were good, in saying all this life isn’t perfect and we’ll all have some bad days.

My question is when you look at your scars, are you reminded of your value or have you started to think, that maybe your damaged goods.
No matter what you’ve done or I’ve done, we all have a scar of some sought.
Yet can I encourage you that what’s left isn’t ugly and neither are you.


Much love, Shaun

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