What makes us human?

It is perfection? Is it a life without flaws and failures? is it striving to live a life without mkstakes… What makes us human?
This question was on my mind for two days last week, and I thought I’d do the best I can to share my thoughts.


We often feel more confident when our scars are covered, our failures aren’t aired like clothing we’ve just washed or mistakes we’ve made that we try our best to never mention.


Maybe if we look good, we will look perfect. A perfect life, no blemishes means no traces of imperfections. But you know what makes us human? Our ability to appreicate and value who we are despite the things we’ve been through and the stuff that has left some scars or some wounds, because It’s often the things that we don’t like about ourselves that we need to embrace the most.


You’ll either live in one of two places, a prision cell or a home. And the difference between the two are huge.


See if you live in a prison you are confined to the space your given, day after day, month after month and year after year. You are reminded of the circumstance that led to the place you now call home, you can’t leave till your sentence is done. Your life revolves around the choices you made and the life you lived. But what’s important to remember is that much like prison, it’s how we often treat ourselves we do things that make us feel like we stuffed up at being “human”.


Instead of embracing our potential, we think our scars make us ugly and the things we have experienced either by our choices, or what someone did to us, we are no longer able to be loved or accepted.


But when you live in a home, it’s the place you value. The paint might be chipped but who cares, the house might need some renovations. But you know what you don’t need to do? You don’t need to burn your life to the ground, rebuild and then show your face, just so you can look good infront of other people.


You might have some scars because you struggled with suicidal ideation, you might have to take medication because you have a mental illness, you may have to go Church with some people who silently judge you because you have depression (yet an having relationship with God). You also might need to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist.


But you know what you are not? You’re not failing as a human being, your doing the best you can do with the story God has given you. What makes us human are the things we’ve experienced and the lessons we have learnt, I think we’ve misrepresented the definition of “ugly” in our generation.


A scar can heal but sometimes a reminder is left, our pain can turn to purpose but the brain remembers the experience. None of that is ugly, because the life you live now is truly Amazing. Comparison has killed much lf our self- worth and self- esteem, to the point that we forget that what truly makes us perfect, isn’t how perfect we are but it’s how much we choose to keep living and holding onto whatever hope we’ve found.


I found my hope in Jesus, and I hope you find it for yourself. But let me tell you something if that’s ok?


Jesus is the only person that will truly love you and wholeheartedly accept you for who you are right now. Some people think your ugly, yet he calls you beautiful.
So what makes us human? The you that you see right now.
Much love, Shaun

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