This Little Light of Mine





People talk about the never ending cosmic battle going on between light and dark, a yin-yang swirl of fury, an otherworld dance of powers.

It’s not true.

If science has taught us anything about light and dark, it is this one thing: Darkness in itself does not exist; there is only light and lack thereof.

The same goes for good and evil. We are in fear of evil because we think there are two sources, that the opposites are fighting each other:


However it’s actually, this:


Evil isn’t a power that fights against good, just like darkness doesn’t fight with light when you turn on the switch, light is just there.

The only variable that matters is proximity to the source.

And this is my point.

Faith, hope, love; they revolve around a relationship with God, a closeness.

There is no evil except where God is not.

You are not evil, because God’s light is in you.

All you need to ask yourself, is how close you are to the source.

How close are you to God?

See, God loves us and wants us to step closer. He doesn’t hate us for being far away, in fact it makes Him call louder for us. That’s why He sent Jesus.

So I urge you today, take that step closer.


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