Complain less: Achieve more

What are the some of the things we complain about, and will complaining fix our problem’s or give us a solution.

See complaining exhaust our energy, after pouring so much effort and passion into whatever it is we’re complaining about, what have we actually achieved… except maybe more grief than progress.

Realistically we can spend hours and hours screaming at and abusing our problems, or we can take a step back, collect our thoughts and let God help us fix what’s broken.

Let’s have a look at an example, say your having trouble in your relationship, sure you could spend time gossiping with your friends about everything that’s wrong, but what do you achieve? Other than tearing down the person you “love” behind their back. In that circumstance, sharing your frustration is ok. However complaining won’t fix the problem, you have to be ready and willing to find some solutions or even just one solution that might help you.

In my experience when we complain, we expel so much of ourselves into something so pointless, and we end up feeling so exhausted that we have no passion for the things that truly matter.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t share our heart or talk about our circumstance, that’s so important. Othee wise we end up trying to do life by ourselves, which is not a lovely experience. I’m purely saying if all we do is complain about  our situation or someone in particular.

What changes?
Much love, Shaun

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