Hope in The Quarantine

I was thinking of something to write to inspire you all. Shaun is so eloquent with how he writes, I feel like this week is a large responsibility as he’s asked me to take point on Instagram so I feel obliged to write here as well.

So I thought that maybe I should write about my experience during this time.

Having been an assistant nurse previously I realised the dangers of this virus early and decided to self isolate. Self isolation itself can be fraught with danger, especially for people with mental illnesses, so my top priority has been keeping myself social online, prayer, and playing videogames to keep my mind stimulated.

We’ve started a lot of small projects around the house, namely gardening, which has taken off. We bought seeds for vegetables we knew we’d eat to save ourselves some money on groceries and space in our shopping trolley for more important things. I was actually surprised how well gardening went. Good thing that seeds, and plants in general, don’t need a huge amount of maintenance. The hardest part was digging the garden bed for the corn. It was 60cm by a couple of metres. The corn took off on its own, it’s already forming leaves.

It’s so adhoc but it’s working well. We bought a few small things to create some irrigation so we don’t have to remember to water it because that’s often where people trip up.

I find shopping a bit of an issue… Not because of the crowds, or necessarily the fear of infection. It’s the death stares and whispers of hatred. See, I have a family of five. I need to buy a lot of groceries. I make sure to stick to the current limits and only buy what I need but the absolute passive aggressive hatred I recieve for trying to feed my family is beyond appalling. If it weren’t for all the scammers and hoarders a father of a family my size would have no problems. My other issue is probably because I’m a man, it’s not “mum doing the family shopping” in people’s eyes. My wife is high risk, so it’s me doing the shopping. Unfortunately most people are shallow, and can’t see past their first impressions. I’m trying, I really am, but that’s hard.

On the bright side we’re doing quite well in isolation. The kids are being kept busy and we’re doing a lot of creative activities.

I’m not Michelangelo but hey, my crafting skills aren’t half bad.

We’re doing what we can to keep everyone happy and healthy, and so far we’re succeeding; and I guess that’s hope in itself.

This time can be hard, it can be scary, but if we stick together and just keep pushing we will get through this and I can guarantee there’s beautiful sunshine on the other side of this storm.


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