Please Believe Me

When you hear that heading ‘Please believe me’ what are the first things that pop into your head. For me it would be ‘please believe me, you are loved or please believe me, your not alone’ their are a lot things you could probably think of.

However were all human and some people have been through so much, their self- worth has taken a beating. Maybe now it’s them convincing others by saying Please believe me, I am worthless or Please believe me, I am to far gone. What’s the difference between two people who believe different things?

I can’t really anwser that because it would be my opinion, but maybe it’s because we have stopped encouraging the people we know, who only see the negative. Potentially we’ve stopped caring about everyone except ourselves, or maybe we reserve encouragement for just the people we like. While the people who need it most are drowning.

Please believe me….. (say something) might seem like a half measure but at least it’s something. Perspective is difficult to change especially in those of us who have it fixed on something specific, but if you say Please believe me followed by the encouragement you give I know it can make a difference.

Were all a little broken and sometimes all we need is someone to tell us what we don’t believe right now. Because while We need to acknowledge our emotions and experience what we feel, we also need that friend who’s willing to sacrifice the verbal abuse they might recieve by telling us what we probably don’t want to hear.

Hey (insert your name) I’m not sure what your going through and I’m certain I could never explain it. But I just wanted to let you know that in this moment, Please believe me, your not alone and please believe me, you are loved. The person hearing that might not believe it, although I think eventually we all find hope.

The alternative would be seeing a friend who’s hurting or a stranger who’s suffering, and instead of some help we just offer our prayers. However encouraging someone face to face while you look them in the eye, means you took the time to show that person love in that specific moment.

So heres a few, Please believe me, I’m here if you ever want to talk, Please believe me, you are not ugly, Please believe me, you are not damaged goods, Please believe me, you are not your past, Please believe me, you are forgiven.

Much love, Shaun

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