Your Not Worthless

Such a porwerful statement like ‘Your Not Worthless’ can change someone’s life, but what happens when you feel like your done or you’ve done everything you can to find the hope you’ve always wanted.


You want people to encourage you with statements and truth that challenge your perspective and current circumstance. But at the same time you feel like your drowning.


If you can acknowledge any of those feelings even if you’ve just partially experienced something like this. Can I tell you your not alone. Your not worthless, despite the current circumstance that might’ve abused you so much so that you think you are.


(Get ready things change 🤷🏻‍♂️)


Sometimes we don’t talk about our pain and the things we are going through, because we either feel alone or we think even if we told someone, will they truly care?


The answer is yes, yes people care about you so much even if it’s just “one” person. The problem is we live in a “social media” soceity so often times our self- worth is based on how many likes, comments or followers we have. So what happens to your self- worth when life happens, and none of those “followers” are their to help you.


Suddenly your worth takes a deep dive into depression, anxiety or thoughts like ‘I’m unworthy of love, friendship, fellowship and hope’ but circumstance and people’s opinion of you should never dictate your worth.


You ever wonder why we sometimes feel alone, because we haven’t heard this person or that person’s encouragement in a few days. You ever feel diflated and defeated because someone has’t told you , your beautiful.


The problem is we often rely on other people to tell us who we are, and essentially how much worth we have. Now their is absolutely nothing wrong with encouraging eachother, in fact that’s what we should all do. Because it does help and it certainly makes a difference.


However if our worth is based entirely on what people think of us, some days we’ll feel awesome and other days we’ll feel like crap. The only difference is whether our worth is based on the fact that we accept ourselves, or if other people accept us and if they don’t, self- worth is limited.


(Ok now back to my original thought 😁)


When we tell anyone your not worthless, I truly believe it has the ability to cut through perspective and also thoughts of doubt. You don’t come with tip toe articulation it’s essentially straight to the point, meeting someone where their at in life.


It sounds like a contradiction because I previously mentioned that we should never base our worth, on our current circumstance or people’s opinion. Unless of course our self- worth is damaged in which case we should totally listen to that statement.


Your not worthless.
You are not worthless and you are not alone.
Much love, Shaun

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