We start most of our conversations asking people how they are, asking ourselves what’s truly going on. But rarely do we stop, pause and assess the things we’ve spoken over our life and also over other people.

Whether it’s a constant battle with self- esteem, or just temporary moments of self doubt. In my experience we rarely stop, always busy, staying distracted, working, busy…busy, making list and lists and more….

My question and it’s also for myself, what’s broken that needs healing? Do we ever truly ask for help, or do we sometimes think people can read our minds…

See hello can mean so many different things, for example.

Hello, my name’s _______ and I’m an alcoholic.

Hello, my name’s _______ and I love my job.

Hello, my name’s Shaun and I struggle with seasonal depression, it comes and goes, but when it comes! I can’t tell you why I feel the way I do, I just remember God is good and that’ll never change.

My point is, your hello can direct great conversations, I guess it’s all about vulnerability and whether we’re ready to fully open up. Vulnerability is scary, it’s like being real with yourself, but some people might feel offended or scared by the realness. But in the moment and I can promise you, it feels great, to just open up.

You feel like a burdens been lifted and all the weight’s been thrown off your shoulders. People are always willing to help, it’s just often our hello’s start fake conversations in us trying, to maintain a front to how we truly feel.

But I hope you hear the kindness in what I’m about to say.

Life’s to short to fake how you feel, help is available and people care about you, even if it’s one person.


Much love, Shaun

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