When everything feels difficult

Are you ok?

Do you need any help?

Those questions are some of the most uniquely answered, person to person. And depending how we feel, our response is one of honesty or trying our best, to avoid the uncomfortable vulnerability.

I think the most important thing to ask ourselves, is first what’s going on and how do we truly feel. Because depending on the answer you’ll figure out the kind of help you need, and we also admit how we feel; or we keep it to ourselves and continue carrying a burden we were never meant to carry on our own.

Often times help has become something we think only weak people ask for, but that’s a negative way of think about it. Think of a situation we’re asking for a little help would make things better, like trying to find a place you’ve been to, asking someone who works in the shopping centre, would have the right directions. But if refuse to ask for help, maybe we’re late meeting our friends, or worse late a job interview.

Better yet, maybe because of the Covid 19 pandemic you’ve lost half of not all income, so you never know where your next meal is going to come from. Your neighbour’s been inviting you over for weeks maybe even months, but refuse the help, because you’d rather provide for yourself, instead of realising we all need to accept help at times.

Why’s it so easy for us to want to help others and to make sure other people are ok. I think it’s because most of us find a sense of self- worth, by helping those around us. However sometimes in doing all of this, we negate our need for them as well, just know asking for help is not a sigh of weakness l, and if your not feeling ok tell someone.

We are in a dreadful place at the moment, especially in some parts of the world. But God is still good, and it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. And it’s also ok to those around how you truly feel, no one should hide their feelings to avoid making people around them uncomfortable.

First of all that’s unhealthy, and secondly it won’t do your self- esteem any good.

Much love, Shaun

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