What about Forgiveness

Forgivness isn't a free pass to let hurt people hurt us, it's the understanding that we have an opportunity to let go the pain that's hurting us more. The longer we hold we on, the worse we feel. But why is forgiveness so important? First it makes sense to talk about how unforgiveness effects us... Continue Reading →

Your Not Worthless

Such a porwerful statement like 'Your Not Worthless' can change someone's life, but what happens when you feel like your done or you've done everything you can to find the hope you've always wanted.   You want people to encourage you with statements and truth that challenge your perspective and current circumstance. But at the... Continue Reading →

Please learn to love yourself

The second most important commandment is like this one. And it is, “Love others as much as you love yourself.” Matthew 22:39 CEV Why do we find it easy to love others but we often hate ourselves? Sometimes we give away encouragement free of charge, yet we find it so difficult to encourage ourselves. This... Continue Reading →

Open up again

Remember what it was like to feel alive? The moment you were filled with joy that no one could steel. If we can remember the moments we felt loved, and truly believed someone did care about us. I think we also remember the moments we felt lost, isolated and unwated. At the top it's easy... Continue Reading →

When will you know it’s ok

The thoughts that create mountains in your head, take one step than you slip, when you feel the pain don't keep it to yourself. To often we hold it all in, till the weight is to much to bare. Our shoulders slump and were afraid to admit we can't do this on our own, we... Continue Reading →

Please Believe Me

When you hear that heading 'Please believe me' what are the first things that pop into your head. For me it would be 'please believe me, you are loved or please believe me, your not alone' their are a lot things you could probably think of. However were all human and some people have been... Continue Reading →

Why Forgive?

That's a great question isn't it? Why Forgive the people who may have hurt you, also why should you forgive your self. Your probably smarter than me and can answer this question more accurately, but I'll have a go anyway.   Forgiveness is a process were we take steps towards letting go the pain, that'll... Continue Reading →

Hope in The Quarantine

I was thinking of something to write to inspire you all. Shaun is so eloquent with how he writes, I feel like this week is a large responsibility as he's asked me to take point on Instagram so I feel obliged to write here as well. So I thought that maybe I should write about... Continue Reading →

Complain less: Achieve more

What are the some of the things we complain about, and will complaining fix our problem's or give us a solution. See complaining exhaust our energy, after pouring so much effort and passion into whatever it is we're complaining about, what have we actually achieved... except maybe more grief than progress. Realistically we can spend... Continue Reading →

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