Tomorrow needs You

Some day you might feel empty, Some day you might feel dead, So please share what gives you hope, Plesee share what made you stay One day you feel defeated, Another day you feel alive, One day you think your unworthy, Another day you know your worth, So please share what gave you strength, Please... Continue Reading →

What should be said

I can't hurt you, And I won't hurt myself I found the love we both deserve, What if saying sorry was all that Could be said, would you let The pride that sets your heart in stone, Give up what could be forgiven Theirs hope we could find, if only We truly tried What if... Continue Reading →

When we feel broken

We love helping people, we love others so effortlessly, yet when it comes to asking for the help we give so easily, we find it hard. Why... The best way to anwser that question is a statement, what we value often determines how we live. So if we don't see any value in ourselves, we... Continue Reading →

Forgive them Father

Often we hear messages about forgiving others. People who have wronged us, people who cut us off in traffic, our ex-partners, our bosses… The list goes on. However, we go to church, shine our shoes, and walk tall, feeling good that we don't sin. We don't offend. When Jesus said, “Now go and sin no... Continue Reading →

Something so small

I always envied people who could smile, projecting confidence in a physical way showing off something I never had. For so long as I can remember I'd spent most my days digging a hole I didn't even realise I was digging. Sure words are what I spoke over myself, but I didn't think about the... Continue Reading →

To know the father

We often strive so much for people’s acceptance of us, we want to know we are loved and sometimes forget we have been all along. If Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost, why do we sometimes feel so empty when his so close. Like a whisper we ignore and a friend... Continue Reading →


Society Groans In any normal situation no one should ever be excluded or pushed aside, and no one should ever be told 'it's all in your head, and you should get over yourself' Society might be changing and we're becoming more accepting of each other, but depression is still criminally misunderstood. It's not someone who... Continue Reading →


'Jesus Started Crying' - John 11:35 (CEV) I'd been lost for so long and I couldn't remember the last time I'd been happy, I knew people who had experienced depression but thought it was just a fase. Going under I'd be happy for months then suddenly out of the blue, I'd feel like a failure,... Continue Reading →

A Child Is Born

Christmas time is a time of peace and unity. It's the time of year we forgive and forget old transgressions and spend time with loved ones. Although we have our own traditions and beliefs, Christmas leaves us wondering what the true meaning of Christmas is... For the record, it's not Jesus' birthday. The 25th of... Continue Reading →

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