Two hands, Two holes

Upon reflection Jesus did a lot with what he was given. He healed the sick and raised the dead, pursued people and embraced them with love and kindness. The hands he used were the hands that also bled for us. His minstry was purely to love people amd teach then to love themselves, and always... Continue Reading →

Pray for something more important

For so long the Church has ridiculed mental health, in most cases some Christians assume you can't have a functional relationship with Jesus because of mental illness. If that's true how do we explain some of the most influential people in the bible, who experienced such emotions. We shouldn't pray for what can't be taken... Continue Reading →

Avoid your pain

Ok, so your probably thinking 'wait there usually encouraging people, to share their story and talk about their pain'   Read on...   The devil uses our imperfections and our past mistakes, to convince us that we should avoid the pain at all cost.   The pain is how uncomfortable we get when we expose... Continue Reading →


I'd spent more time lighting fires than healing what was broken.   Distractions are dangerous when they help to divert our attention, when healing is necessary, we can't pretend were not broken.   We have have different stages of personal growth, some hit milestones so easy because their comfortable in their own skin and confidence... Continue Reading →

God Never Said

God never said life would be comfortable or we would ever be without, pain or suffering. We are loved, but sometimes it might feel like you don't feel a thing.   Out of sight and out of mind, is a life lived in utter avoidance of the stuff you might need to talk about. The... Continue Reading →


"Pride Month" is upon us and the hatred and slurring has already hit my timeline on multiple social media pages. And it left me wondering... Why do we feel the need to correct this small demographic. Why do we think that we're qualified to dish out judgement and justice? Don't all fall short of the... Continue Reading →

Blind Spots

The responsibility is hard to carry and the pedestal is not a place people should be expected to live.   Each year we tend to forget that famous people are still human beings, they hurt, they bleed and they also feel broken at times. People placed in an impossible position and all attention, is placed... Continue Reading →

Hope That Holds Strong

We all have a story to share. Stories of happiness, stories of pain, stories of hope. Hope comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes in all different packages. Hope sometimes comes in the form of a helping hand. Sometimes hope is sharing something you love with someone you know. Sometimes hope is seeing a... Continue Reading →

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