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Shaun is 30 and yet to meet the princess who slays the dragon and rescues him. He likes music, Marvel, Naughty Dog games and really loves writing – it’s his go to place when the world feels heavy.

After being bullied a lot

growing up and spending a lot of time not liking himself, Shaun is really passionate about encouraging people and offering them the same hope that saved his life.

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Aware of how people with a mental illness are treated, Shaun wanted to make a difference not just through education but also empowering people through changing poor attitudes and misguided opinions so that we can function as one without mistreating each other.






Luke is 33 and married to the best person on earth – Candace. Together they have 3 crazy ginger underlings.

He likes Star Wars (and is pretty sure he was named after the protagonist), Marvel Comics, Bethesda games and loads of other geek stuff. He decided to join the team when his wife was really mentally unwell and being mistreated not just by friends from church but also by her treating medical team.

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A passionate teacher, Luke wants to educate people from all walks of life on the impact of mental health. In doing so he hopes to erase the social stigma against mental illness and help people seek early intervention.






Candace forgets how old she is. She loves to read and is big on The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, and The Lord of The Rings. She also loves to write in her spare time.

Full-time super-mum, she enjoys baking and gardening in between wrangling crazy kids. Candace was recruited to the team for her talent and great input before joining the cause; and now she spends her time editing podcasts, pitching campaign ideas, and writing blogs that touch a lot of people’s hearts.


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Having a first-hand experience of the mental health system, and the stigma associated, Candace is passionate about embracing people where they stand and walking with them to recovery. In the future she hopes for a health system that treats mental illness like any other malady.

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