The Off Switch

Anxiety is everywhere at the moment. It's the most common mental illness. The question is why? What are we so anxious about? What's causing it? Why can't we stop it? Why is it so hard to prevent? The best way to find out the root of the problem is to look at the treatments and... Continue Reading →


You ever felt like you've tried so hard to show someone love, yet it feels like you haven't done enough. You try so much to remind someone that tomorrow needs them and today could be the most important day of that person's life.   Theirs so many people thinking about suicide so many people struggling... Continue Reading →

Why we don’t let go?

Most of us just want to feel something. We want to feel loved, wanted, accepted ultimately we want to feel human. So much of what we do is directly in search of accepstance, to feel like we are truly loved and admired. But sometimes we limit the opportunities of us experiencing the self accepstance we... Continue Reading →

Cult of Personality

We live in a world filled with knowledge at our fingertips. It's common practice now for people to search for answers online; all sorts of answers. From recipes to medical journals. I see online everyday people searching for themselves. Looking for answers to their mistakes, their dreams, their purpose in life. I too have looked,... Continue Reading →

Speak Life

Sometimes we speak Death over the confidence someone is desperately trying to find. Maybe not obvious to everyone around, but we can't boast that we value everyone, if what we say doesn't indicate the truth. What if the truth doesn't set people free, what if it just gives them further evidence for self- destruction. Truth... Continue Reading →

This is my sad

If you want to know what my sad looks like, look at me on an average day. It looks like waking up, getting out of bed and starting the day. It looks like my daily cup of coffee on the way to work. It looks like throwing myself into my job and putting in effort... Continue Reading →

Anxious Body

Imagine your words are like fuel for broken peoole, for people who worry about things you've never been worried about. Fuel for those who are anxious about certain situations you've never had anxiety for. I reckon we've all been anxious about one thing or another, we've all worried about things that would never really happen.... Continue Reading →

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