I'm cursed. When I say 'cursed' I mean blessed. I'm gifted in "words of knowledge", it somehow runs in my family. My mum says it makes us like a spiritual vacuum, we suck up everyone else's junk. I say it's a hellish nightmare filled with anxiety and pain; at least, I did. Last Sunday we... Continue Reading →


Stories. Our community is built on stories. Our identity, it's built on stories. Some stories are funny, awe inspiring, easy to share. Others we try to hide, they're harder to tell, and we keep them bottled up. Sometimes the best stories ever told are about our worst moments, we always forget this. Sometimes what helps... Continue Reading →

One Word

This week on my social media I posted a chain post. Not something I normally do, but I did it mostly in jest because I expected maybe some silly joke replies. It went along the lines of: Share this and let your followers describe you in one word. It really was just a silly post,... Continue Reading →

Help to Heal

Help We all need help, we can't do everything by ourselves, we were created to do life in community as a family. Encouraging eachother and believing that we can each reach the goals we have set, and to become the Person we truly want to be. Help can be inconvenient sometimes we have a list... Continue Reading →

Price Tag

You can't place a price tag on someone's worth, to determine their value by how much they've achieved or the amount of mistakes they've made.   Our drive for perfection often leads to feeling so empty, even if Gods given us so much to live for. Comparison gives us cataracts and we can't see that... Continue Reading →

The Off Switch

Anxiety is everywhere at the moment. It's the most common mental illness. The question is why? What are we so anxious about? What's causing it? Why can't we stop it? Why is it so hard to prevent? The best way to find out the root of the problem is to look at the treatments and... Continue Reading →


You ever felt like you've tried so hard to show someone love, yet it feels like you haven't done enough. You try so much to remind someone that tomorrow needs them and today could be the most important day of that person's life.   Theirs so many people thinking about suicide so many people struggling... Continue Reading →

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