Today I went out shopping with the family. My wife and daughter went for a hair appointment and my two boys stayed with me to grab a birthday gift for their granddad. After we found the gift the boys wanted to buy we headed to the playground near the foodcourt at the mall. The boys... Continue Reading →

The Truth about Pretending

I've never felt like I couldn't live my life, but I have felt the preassure and darkness of depression. Its a shadow that wraps itself around your arms and legs and its something no one else can see, that brings a whole new meaning to the saying 'you don't know what I'm going through' The... Continue Reading →

The Sincerest of Prayers

If I'm brutally honest with myself, my most sincere prayer isn't one I'm proud of. It's not part of an inspirational tale of hope, passion and fervour with a dash of redemption. It's a tale of desperation. Of being beyond worldly help. It's a tale of being well past the point of giving up. It's... Continue Reading →

Stop saying your ugly

‘I’m ugly, clearly your blind’ What if you’re not as ugly as you feel, as ugly as you say you are. You feel the same way about yourself, because you speak the same thing over your life. You’re not ugly but deep down it’s your truth, deep down you spit in the face of anyone... Continue Reading →

Parents, Children and Mental Health

Instead of giving ourselves ammunition for self- hatred, sharing our mental health can limit isolation. Parents: Your Important As parents I think were often to harsh towards ourselves, we put so much stress on our shoulders to be perfect, to always feel happy and to feel ok. The pressure builds and we start to think... Continue Reading →

She finds hope

Riddled with judgement, fueled by shame, most only look but never at her face, your so small, I bet you'll break, oh your so skinny, do eat at all. Death comes for her self- esteem, with all the words you speak, Please hold tongue, close your mouth and think. I know you know, it's not... Continue Reading →

Two hands, Two holes

Upon reflection Jesus did a lot with what he was given. He healed the sick and raised the dead, pursued people and embraced them with love and kindness. The hands he used were the hands that also bled for us. His minstry was purely to love people amd teach then to love themselves, and always... Continue Reading →

Pray for something more important

For so long the Church has ridiculed mental health, in most cases some Christians assume you can't have a functional relationship with Jesus because of mental illness. If that's true how do we explain some of the most influential people in the bible, who experienced such emotions. We shouldn't pray for what can't be taken... Continue Reading →

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